If you're looking for affordable web design services in Brownwood, TX, I can help!

My name is Elizabeth Zilinski, and I live in Brownwood, TX. I am responsible for many of your local websites, including:

The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center • http://www.ctsanimalcenter.org/

Keep Brownwood Beautiful • http://www.keepbrownwoodbeautiful.org/

Brownwood Fitness Center • http://www.brownwoodfitnesscenter.com/

If you are looking for a local source for your web design services in Brownwood, TX, you have found it. I work from home and can work with your schedule, and I can work within your budget. Your website can be simple and straightforward, or creative and unique. I am experienced in graphic design and web design.

Many local Brownwood businesses suffer from a lack of web presence. For example, the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center had a website for many years, but contracted me in 2010 to completely remake the site. Not only do they report an increase in the number of site visitors (both to the website and the building), but they have also received over $3,000 through donations made via a link on the website since they hired me as their designer and content manager. You, too, can get this level of exposure and profitability, by contracting me for your local Brownwood, TX, website design services.

My prices are affordable, and I also offer a unique "barter" system for those on limited budgets. Trust me when I say that we can get you a web presence within your budget.

One of the benefits of contracting a web designer who actually lives in Brownwood, TX, is that we can meet face to face to discuss your vision. There is no hierarchy to work through; we work together--the designer and the client--to make your web site work for you.

If you do not live in Brownwood, TX, but require my services, that's not a problem. We will lose the personal level of interaction that you would get if we could meet locally, but the quality of the work will not suffer. Please click here to get to the contact page and send an inquiry. To learn more about my pets and hobbies, click on any of the other links.

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Elizabeth Zilinski studied astrophysics, web design, and psychology at Rutgers University and received her B.A. there. When she isn't spending time with her husband and partner of seven years, she can be found tripping over their five cats and two dogs. When she isn't face-planting on fur-covered floors, she enjoys writing, designing, crochet and volunteering.

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